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The Editors

January 01, 2008

The Last Samurai
Single Mothers and Welfare Restructuring in Japan: Gender and Class Dimensions of Income and Employment
The Forging of Alien Status of Koreans in American Occupied Japan
Shattering Jewels: 110,000 Okinawans Protest Japanese State Censorship of Compulsory Group Suicides
The Future of North Korea: System Conservation or Guided Market Economy?
Reconciling Japan and China
Tokyo Architects SANAA Score in US, Europe, Japan. Museum of Contemporary Art Opens in New York
Compulsory Mass Suicide, the Battle of Okinawa, and Japan's Textbook Controversy
Historical Perspectives on States, Markets and Capitalism, East and West
The Contested Heritage of Koguryo/Gaogouli and China-Korea Conflict
"Will you go to war? Or will you stop being Japanese?" Nationalism and History in Kobayashi Yoshinori's Sensoron
Global Warming Thaws Himalayan Glaciers at Frightening Speed
The Suharto Legacy - As He Lay Dying
China, Japan and World Food Insecurity
The United States and Sino-Vietnamese Relations
Japan's Wild Scientific Genius: Minakata Kumagusu
Barefoot Gen, The Atomic Bomb and I: The Hiroshima Legacy
When the Geta is on the Other Foot: Xenophobia in the Canadian Immigration Policy Towards Japan, 1907-1908
Sugihara Chiune and the Visas to Save Lives: Assessing the Efforts to Memorialize a Japanese Hero
Foreign Ministry Failure to Provide Documents on 1965 Japan-Korea Normalization Pact is Illegal: Tokyo Court
Defending the Indefensible: A Meditation on the Life of Hiroshima Pilot Paul Tibbets, Jr.
Bankrupting the American Republic: The Permanent War Economy and Soaring Deficits
New Syonan and Asianism in Japanese-era Singapore
The Ghosts of the American War in Vietnam
Women in Japanese Local Politics: From Voters to Activists to Politicians
Suharto Beyond the Grave: Indonesia and the World Appraise the Legacy
Nikkei Loyalty and Resistance in Canada and the United States, 1942-1947
Towards Livable Communities in Japan? Population Decline and the Changing Context of Place-making