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Asia-Pacific Journal Subscription Drive December 2020

Ours is a reader-supported journal. We invite your support at a time when the Asia-Pacific and our world are being turned upside down by the combination of US-China conflict in the era of the Coronavirus pandemic and economic, political, climate and nuclear crisis. 


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Study-abroad in Japan under COVID-19: Emerging Parallels with a Course on Environmental Pollution
Indigenous Diplomacy: Sakhalin Ainu (Enchiw) in the Shaping of Modern East Asia (Part 1: Traders and Travellers)
Japan, Australia, and the Rejigging of Asia-Pacific Alliances
Korean Repatriation and Historical Memory in Postwar Japan: Remembering the Ukishima-maru Incident at Maizuru and Shimokita
The 8th Wonder of the World: Inside Foxconn’s empty buildings, empty factories, and empty promises in Wisconsin
Planning for War: Elite Staff Officers in the Imperial Japanese Army and the Road to World War II
Daisy’s Story: Filipina Migrants and Other Women in the Shadow of the U.S. Military Bases in Okinawa
Mind the Gender Gap: Kawakami Mieko, Murata Sayaka, Feminism and Literature in Japan
Between a Forgotten Colony and an Abandoned Prefecture: Okinawa’s Experience of Becoming Japanese in the Meiji and Taishō Eras
Forced Labour in Imperial Japan’s First Colony: Hokkaidō
Recycled Images: 21st Century Edition of Fukuzawa Yukichi’s Geography Textbook
A Japanese Anomaly: Theodore Roosevelt and Japan’s Racial Identity at the Turn of the Twentieth Century
To Adopt a Small or Large State Mentality: The Iwakura Mission and Japan’s Meiji-era Foreign Policy Dilemma
Introduction: Race and Empire in Meiji Japan
Special Issue: Race and Empire in Meiji Japan (Table of Contents)
“Take Science Seriously and Value Ethics Greatly”: Health Effects of Fukushima Nuclear Disaster
A Race to War: Japanese Public Intellectuals and Racial Explanations of the Russo-Japanese War
Yun Isang, Media, and the State: Forgetting and Remembering a Dissident Composer in Cold-War South Korea
The Battlefield Experience of Japanese Soldiers in the Asia-Pacific War
The Emptiness of Japan’s Values Diplomacy in Asia