Prospective authors are invited to submit a brief statement of the proposed article to the editors in advance of submission at [email protected].

Style Guidelines

Manuscripts submitted for publication in The Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus should be written accessibly and target an informed general audience, as well as researchers interested in a wide range of Asia-Pacific issues. Please use American spelling (-ize).

APJJF uses in-text references with an end bibliography (please refer to this pdf as a model for the bibliography). Explanatory footnotes/endnotes are possible but should be kept to a minimum. Please do not embed links in the main text of the article but provide the complete reference at the end of the article. Please remember to include page numbers for direct quotes, for instance (Smith 2006: 45).

For sources in languages other than English, please include the original title followed by translation between square brackets, for instance:

  • JAPANESE: Honda, Masakazu 本田雅和. 2022. ‘国会議員に百人以上の秘書を提供、選挙運動でも数々の違法行為の『反社』団体 [Antisocial Organisations Supply Over One Hundred Staff for Electoral Work on Behalf of Diet Members].’ 週間金曜日 [Shukan Kinyobi], 22 July, 14–15.
  • CHINESE: Liu, Yeliang 刘也良. 2020. ‘探访云南边境抗疫一线: 社区网格化管理,县医院加强防控措施 [Visiting the Yunnan Border Prevention Control Frontline: Social Grid Management, County Hospital Strengthening Control Measures].’ 澎湃 [The Paper], 11 June.
  • BURMESE: The Working People’s Daily လုပ်သားပြည်သူ့နေ့စဉ်. 1990. ‘တိုင်းရင်းသားလူမျိုးစု (၁၃၅) မျိုး နေထိုင်ရာ တို့ပြည်ထောင်စု မြန်မာနိုင်ငံ [Union of Myanmar, Home of 135 Taingyintha Ethnic Groups].’ လုပ်သားပြည်သူ့နေ့စဉ် [The Working People’s Daily], 26 August.
  • KOREAN: Cheju 4.3 Peace Foundation 제주4.3평화재단. 2019. 제주4.3사건추가진상조사보고서 I [The Cheju 4.3 Incident Additional Investigation Report I]. 제주: 각 [Cheju: Kak].

Image Guidelines

If accepted for publication, please be prepared to provide at least one photo of reasonably high resolution (at least 300 dpi) to accompany the essay, along with caption and credits. The image should be your own photo, be available under a creative commons license, or you should have obtained prior permission to use it from the copyright holder.

If you wish to include more photos in the essay, please provide them in reasonably high resolution (at least 300 dpi) as separate files, with their position clearly marked in the text by numbered captions. Please make sure to include the photo credits in the captions.

Graphs and tables should also be provided as separate files, their position clearly indicated in the main text.