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The Editors

November 01, 2008

The Future of US-Japan Relations in a McCain or Obama Presidency: Does Japan Matter?
A 21st-Century Bretton Woods? Global financial summit hinges on China playing a role once taken by U.S.
The Development and Structure of Japanese Enterprise Unions
Zainichi Recognitions: Japan's Korean Residents' Ideology and Its Discontents
The Rising Risk of a Hard Landing in China: The Two Engines of Global Growth—U.S. and China—are Stalling. UPDATED
The Deterioration of the Inter-Korean Relationship
Personal Predilection in Compiling and Translating an Anthology of Japanese Women Poets
Japan's 'Antiterror' Debate Neglects the Suffering of the Afghan People
Tamogami's World: Japan's Top Soldier Reignites Conflict Over the Past [Japanese, Korean and Czech translations available]
Okinawan Bases, the United States and Environmental Destruction [Japanese text available]
Japan-India Joint Security Declaration: Towards an Asia-wide Security Architecture?
The Coming Catastrophe: the American War in Afghanistan and Pakistan
A Southward Thrust for China's Energy Diplomacy in the South China Sea
US Power/US Decline and US-China Relations
The Cook Islands and the Pacific Island Nations: Will the Last Person Leaving Please Turn Off the Lights?
Fighting for Peace After War: Japanese War Veterans recall the war and their peace activism after repatriation
Unmasking Capital Punishment: A Wave of Executions, The Yomiuri and Japan's Death Penalty
Can Chinese Government Spending Avert Recession? A Report from Wenzhou
Debt Man Walking: The US, China, Japan and the Foundations for a New Bretton Woods [Updated]
A My Lai a Month: How the US Fought the Vietnam War
Memory, Apology, and International Reconciliation
The Tamogami Debacle: Dismissal of a Japanese General and the Danger of Indignation
China Looks Beyond India-Japan Space Alliance to the US Connection
The Cold War Explodes in Kobe—”The 1948 Korean Ethnic School "Riots" and US Occupation Authorities
Subprime Learning: Positive and Negative Lessons of the Japanese Bubble for Americans
Alternative Summits, Alternative Perspectives: Beyond the 2008 Hokkaido G8 Summit
The 2008 Hokkaido-Toyako G8 Summit: neither summit nor plummet
Indigenous at last! Ainu Grassroots Organizing and the Indigenous Peoples Summit in Ainu Mosir
The G8 Summit as "Local Event" in the Hokkaido Media
The Hokkaido Summit as a Springboard for Grassroots Initiatives: The "Peace, Reconciliation & Civil Society" Symposium