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Articles by Hisane MASAKI

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New Energy Fuels Japan's Diplomacy: From the Middle East to Central Asia
Japan Vies With China for Dominance in Indochina and ASEAN
The Great Japan-Mongolia Love Affair: What price the UN Security Council Seat?
Japan Shields Itself from Attack
Is Japan a Cultural Looter?
Japan's FTA Drive, East Asian Regional Leadership and the China Challenge
Goodbye Iran, Hello Iraq: Japan's and China's Oil Prospects in the Balance
Russian Energy Maneuvers Challenge Japan: The Sakhalin Ploy
Japan Intelligence Satellite Launch Pushes the Boundaries of Self-defense: the North Korea Connection
Japan Joins the Energy Race in Central Asia
Japan and China Race for African Oil
Japan Stares into a Demographic Abyss
Japan Joins the Race for Uranium Amid Global Expansion of Nuclear Power
Japan s Drive in Central Asia
Shopping at the Village Stall: Japan s new development initiative
China Rivalry Fuels Japan's FTA drive
After Kyoto: Japanese firms rush to cash in on gas emission reductions
Sunset for Japanese Chip Makers? A new front in Japan-Korea
Okinawa Base Plan for US Forces Boosted by Election
Japan's New Energy Strategy
Where is Japan Heading?
Defiant Japan Fights for Its Leather Industry: A WTO Saga and an Historic Taboo
Putin's Diplomatic Victory in Tokyo: Regional Perspective on Russia-Japan Relations