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Tensions between the US and China are reaching fever pitch in the era of Donald Trump, with mounting conflict between the US and China, the US and North Korea, China and the nations of the South China Sea, Okinawa and the US-Japan, and Japan and its neighbors, Korea and Taiwan. We believe this makes the work of APJ more important than ever.

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Articles by Hisane MASAKI

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New Energy Fuels Japan's Diplomacy: From the Middle East to Central Asia
Japan Vies With China for Dominance in Indochina and ASEAN
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Is Japan a Cultural Looter?
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Japan and China Race for African Oil
Japan Stares into a Demographic Abyss
Japan Joins the Race for Uranium Amid Global Expansion of Nuclear Power
Japan s Drive in Central Asia
Shopping at the Village Stall: Japan s new development initiative
China Rivalry Fuels Japan's FTA drive
After Kyoto: Japanese firms rush to cash in on gas emission reductions
Sunset for Japanese Chip Makers? A new front in Japan-Korea
Okinawa Base Plan for US Forces Boosted by Election
Japan's New Energy Strategy
Where is Japan Heading?
Defiant Japan Fights for Its Leather Industry: A WTO Saga and an Historic Taboo
Putin's Diplomatic Victory in Tokyo: Regional Perspective on Russia-Japan Relations