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Satoko Oka NORIMATSU is Director of the Peace Philosophy Centre, a peace-education organization in Vancouver, Canada, with a widely-read Japanese-English blog on topics such as peace and justice, war memory and education in East Asia, US-Japan relations, US military bases in Okinawa, nuclear issues, and media criticism (To view English-language posts only click HERE). She is co-author with Gavan McCormack of Resistant Islands: Okinawa Confronts Japan and the United States, Rowman & Littlefield, 2012. The Japanese translation is 『沖縄の〈怒〉-日米への抵抗』(法律文化社, 2013)and the Korean translation is저항하는 섬, 오끼나와: 미국과 일본에 맞선 70년간의 기록(창비, 2014). She is also co-author with Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick of 『よし、戦争について話そう。戦争の本質について話をしようじゃないか!(Let’s Talk About War. Let’s Talk about What War Really Is!)』(金曜日, 2014). She is a Japan Focus editor.

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3287 Iha Yoichi, Norimatsu Satoko
Why Build a New Base on Okinawa When the Marines are Relocating to Guam?: Okinawa Mayor Challenges Japan and the US 「沖縄の海兵隊のほとんどがグアムに行くのに、なんで辺野古が必要なんですか?」-宜野湾市長 伊波洋一 日テレインタビュー完全版
3306 Kikuno Yumiko, Norimatsu Satoko
Henoko, Okinawa: Inside the Sit-In 沖繩県名護市辺野古−−座り込みの内側
3363 Norimatsu Satoko, Furutachi Ichiro
US Marine Training on Okinawa and Its Global Mission: a Birds-Eye View of Bases From the Air
3381 Norimatsu Satoko, Ryukyu Asahi Broadcasting
Assault on the Sea: A 50-Year U.S. Plan to Build a Military Port on Oura Bay, Okinawa  狙われた海——沖繩大浦湾軍港設立50年計画
3415 Ota Masahide, Norimatsu Satoko
"The World is beginning to know Okinawa": Ota Masahide Reflects on his Life from the Battle of Okinawa to the Struggle for Okinawa
3463 Norimatsu Satoko
Hiroshima and Nagasaki at 65 – A Reflection  広島・長崎六十五周年−−一考察
3468 Gavan McCormack, Mark Selden, Norimatsu Satoko
New Year 2011, Okinawa and the Future of East Asia  2011年 年明け、沖繩、東アジアの将来
3495 Norimatsu Satoko
Hatoyama's Confession: The Myth of Deterrence and the Failure to Move a Marine Base Outside Okinawa  鳩山の告白−−抑止力という神話と海兵隊基地県外移転の失敗
3549 Norimatsu Satoko, SAY-Peace Project
Protecting Children Against Radiation: Japanese Citizens Take Radiation Protection into Their Own Hands  放射線被ばくから子どもを守るために •Japanese text available
3563 Norimatsu Satoko, Chris Busby
Fukushima is Worse than Chernobyl – on Global Contamination  チェルノブイリよりも深刻ーー世界的な汚染について
3582 Norimatsu Satoko, Sakai Yasuyuki, Koide Hiroaki
The Truth About Nuclear Power: Japanese Nuclear Engineer Calls for Abolition  核の真実−−日本の核技術者、廃絶を訴える • Japanese text available
3611 Gavan McCormack, Norimatsu Satoko
Discordant Visitors: Japanese and Okinawan Messages to the US  諧調に乱れあり−−米国へ日本政府と沖縄の伝えるもの
3651 Norimatsu Satoko
Fukushima and Okinawa – the “Abandoned People,” and Civic Empowerment  福島と沖縄−−「棄民」、および市民の力
3719 Norimatsu Satoko, Maeda Arata
Amid Invisible Terror: The Righteous Anger of A Fukushima Farmer Poet 見えない恐怖の中でぼくらは見た−−福島農民の義憤
3828 Gavan McCormack, Norimatsu Satoko
Ryukyu/Okinawa, From Disposal to Resistance  琉球/沖縄、処分から抵抗へ
4670 Norimatsu Satoko
Worldwide Responses to the 20 Millisievert Controversy  20ミリシーベルト論争への世界的反響
4748 Norimatsu Satoko
Nanjing Massacre 75th Anniversary and the China-Japan Island Dispute 南京大虐殺75年と中日諸島争い
4774 Peter J. Kuznick, Norimatsu Satoko, Narusawa Muneo
“We used chemical weapons in Vietnam”: Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick explain how telling the untold history can change the world for the better 我々はベトナムで化学兵器を使用した」 語られざる歴史を語ることによってよい世界変革が可能と説明するオリバー・ストーンとピーター・カズニック
4810 Norimatsu Satoko
Suicide as Protest – Two Self-immolations under the Abe Regime 抗議としての自死 安部政権下で二度も起こった焼身事件