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Special Issue: Pandemic Asia, Part II (Table of Contents)

August 1, 2020
Volume 18 | Issue 15 | Number 1
Article ID 5433


Jeff Kingston, Editor of this special issue, assembled a team of contributors from all over the region and is grateful for their working on a tight deadline to assess the pandemic in Asia as of July 2020. In editing this volume he received valuable editorial assistance from Laney Bahan, guidance from Mark Selden and production processing assistance from Joelle Tapas, Hannah LaTourette and Yayoi Koizumi who shepherded the manuscripts from submission to publication with patience and acuity.



1. Jeff Kingston - Introduction: COVID-19 and Authoritarian Creep in South and Southeast Asia

2. Giulio Pugliese - COVID-19 and the Reification of the US-China "Cold War"


Southeast Asia

3. Sidney Jones - Covid-19 and Extremism in Southeast Asia

4. Jun Honna - Military Politics in Pandemic Indonesia

5. Nastassja Quijano, Maria Carmen (Ica) Fernandez, and Maria Karla Abigail Pangilinan - Misplaced Priorities, Unnecessary Effects: Collective Suffering and Survival in Pandemic Philippines

6. Fangpi Liao - Singapore’s COVID-19 Catastrophe: Authoritarian Bungling, an Infectious Election, and an International Humanitarian Crisis

7. Pavin Chachavalpongpun - COVID-19 Attacks the Regime: The Case of Thailand


South Asia

8. Sajid Amit - Coronavirus and Impact on the Bangladesh Economy: Assessing the Damage of the Black Swan of 2020

9. Ikhtisad Ahmed - COVID-19 in Bangladesh: How the Awami League Transformed a Crisis into a Disaster

10. Samrat Choudhury - Image management over COVID-19 Management

11. Mukta S. Tamang - COVID-19 in Nepal: Times of Anxiety and Fear

13. Udan Fernando - Facing a Pandemic at a Time of Elections and Cricket: Socio-Political Consequences of Sri Lanka’s COVID-19 Curfew



14. Linda Hasunuma - We are All Chinese Now: COVID-19 and Anti-Asian Racism in the United States


This is the Table of Contents of the Special Issue: Pandemic Asia, Part II.

See the Table of Contents for Part I.

Readers of this special may be also interested in another COVID-19 special, Vulnerable Populations Under COVID-19 in Japan, edited by David H. Slater.



Jeff Kingston is Director of Asian Studies and Professor of History at Temple University, Japan. Most recently, he wrote The Politics of Religion, Nationalism and Identity (2019) and Japan (2019), edited Critical Issues in Contemporary Japan (2019, rev 2nd ed.) and Press Freedom in Contemporary Japan (2017) and co-edited Press Freedom in Contemporary Asia (2019) and Japan’s Foreign Relations with Asia (2018). His current research focuses on transitional justice and the politics of memory.