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August 14, 2006

The United States and the Japanese Mengele: Payoffs and Amnesty for Unit 731
Japan Joins the Energy Race in Central Asia
From Backwater to Powerhouse. China's northeast and Northeast Asia on a roll
Asia Embraces Nuclear Power: at what cost?
Japan Foreign Minister's Visit to POW Remembrance Service Backfires
What Price Security? Japan, Britain and the threat of terrorism
China in Southeast Asia: The Limits of Power
Selective Pain: Kidnapping, Contemporary Japan and Media Obsession
The Nagasaki Principle
NHK's Finest Hour: Japan's Official Record of Chinese Forced Labor
The Sinking of Japan
Criminal States: Soprano vs. Baritone - North Korea and the US
The Future of Korea: An Asia-Pacific Perspective
Hiroshima and Nagasaki Peace Declarations, 2006
"The Trial of Mr. Hyde" and Victors' Justice
Japanese War Orphans and the Challenges of Repatriation in Post-Colonial East Asia
Locating Cities in Global Networks: Tokyo and Regional Structures of Interdependence
Arson: Yasukuni Shrine, Terror and the Future of Japanese Democracy
How Many and Where Were the Nukes? What the U.S. Government No Longer Wants You to Know about Nuclear Weapons During the Cold War
Japan and China Race for African Oil
Australia's New Security Bond With Japan
Crime and Responsibility: War, the state, and Japanese society
The Immunity of Non-Combatants and the Myth of Good Intentions: Sixty-One Years After Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Forced to 'Choose' its Own Subjugation: Okinawa's Place in U.S. Global Military Realignment
The Great Equalizer. Lessons From Iraq and Lebanon
Nationalism, Historical Memory & Contemporary Conflicts in the Asia Pacific: the Yasukuni Phenomenon, Japan, and the United States
Russia's Great Game in Central Asia
The Democratization of Missile Technology and the Future of War
Asia's Coming Water Wars
East Asia's Dollars
New Facts about US Payoff to Japan's Biological Warfare Unit 731
Invisible Immigrants: Undocumented Migration and Border Controls in Early Postwar Japan