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The Editors

August 03, 2005

The Hibakusha Voice and the Future of the Anti-Nuclear Movement
Nuclear Weapons, Suicide Bombers, and the Danger of Swarming Human Locusts
The Balancer: Roh Moo-hyun's Vision of Korean Politics and the Future of Northeast Asia
Hiroshima Film Cover-up Exposed. Censored 1945 Footage to Air
The End of Silence: Korea's A-bomb victims seek redress
Expressing the horror of Hiroshima in 17 syllables
Piracy in Southeast Asia: Real Menace or Red Herring?
Nagasaki and Hiroshima Peace Declarations 2005
The Pain of Remembering August 6, 1945 (Korean translation available)
The U.S.-India Strategic Partnership
Arlington National Cemetery and Yasukuni Jinja: History, Memory, and the Sacred
Living With the Bomb: The Atomic Bomb in Japanese Consciousness
Toward A Northeast Asia Nuclear Weapon-Free Zone
Voice and Silence in the First Nuclear War: Wilfred Burchett and Hiroshima
Okunoshima: poison gas past belies isle's bucolic serenity
Sugihara Chiune and the Japanese Conscience: Lest we forget
Japan's Sixtieth
Koizumi's Statement on the Sixtieth Anniversary: improving or inflaming relations with China and South Korea?
Koizumi's Snap Election: a contemporary dilemma haunted by history
Child survivor of forced mass suicide in Manchuria still loves hero who saved her
South Korea's Power Play at the Six-Party Talks
China, India and the Future of South Asia
Moral and political perspectives on nuclear weapons
The Art of Chindogu in a World Gone Mad
Toward a nuclear-free northeast Asia or preservation of the status quo? A Symposium
The Umbrella and the Mushroom: Realism and Extremism on North Korea
Was Hiroshima and Nagasaki a Sin?
China, India and the Doubling of the Global Labor Force: who pays the price of globalization?
The Emperor, Modern Japan and the U.S.-Japan Relationship
The Battle of Azadegan: Japan, Oil and Independence
Bite the Dog: cracking down on the Japanese press
South Korean Soap Operas Win Large Audiences Throughout Asia – and beyond
Dumping US dollars could trigger 'economic September 11': the East Asian connection
Koizumi reforms create 'hidden underdogs'