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Articles by Mhairi Shaw Hawkins

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Mhairi Shaw Hawkins (Mhairi; scots gaelic, pronounced Vari) ascribes her interest in anime to "growing up in dreary Scotland, where I was always daydreaming - fascinated with Japanese culture, and inevitably Japanese animation." She began like any child of the 90s with Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon, and of course Studio Ghibli. Her interest in more "grown up" anime led her to the University of Dundee where she graduated with an MA in English Literature and Film. Since graduating she has travelled extensively in South East Asia, ending up in Australia where she discovered a new passion - brewing. She currently lives in Edinburgh with her dog Dali, and works for a local craft brewery. When she is not doing that she is continuing her free-lance writing to feed her passion for film, comics and, of course - anime.