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Articles by Mariko Akuzawa

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Akuzawa Mariko (阿久澤麻理子) is a professor at the Research Center for Human Rights and Graduate School of Urban Management, Osaka City University, and an executive board member of Asia-Pacific Human Rights Information Center (HURIGHTS Osaka). She is currently leading a research project on “Changing Buraku discrimination in Contemporary Japan”. Her recent works include; Morals and Market: Changing Attitudes toward Minorities, in Human Rights Education in Asia-Pacific, (2016). Vol.7, 233-246. Osaka; Passing a Baton of Dowa Education to the Next Generation: GTA analysis of the voices of young teachers with Buraku origin [「法期限後」につなぐ同和教育―若手世代の部落出身教師への聞き取りから], in The Bulletin of Kyoto Human Rights Research Institute. Vol.25, 39-76. Kyoto (2020).