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Articles by Hirooka Kiyonobu

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Hirooka Kiyonobu (廣岡浄進) is an associate professor of the Research Center for Human Rights, Osaka City University. His most recent research article is “Toshi no Sai-kaihatsu to Dōwa-chiku no Jentorifikeishon Seisaku: Shin-jiyū-shugi to Buraku Sabetsu Kaishō Suishin-hō jōkyō” [The policies for urban redevelopment and gentrification in Dowa districts: neo-liberalism and the situation of the Act on the Promotion of the Elimination of Buraku Discrimination (都市の再開発と同和地区のジェントリフィケーション政策:新自由主義と部落差別解消推進法情況)] in Buraku Kaihō Kenkyū No.214, March 2021. His current research interests focus on the historical experience of Buraku issues and cross-cultural histories relating to racism in the modern age.