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Articles by Asaji Takeshi

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Asaji Takeshi (朝治武) is director of the Osaka Human Rights Museum, and author of Ajia-Taiheiyou Sensō to Zenkoku Suiheisha [Asia-Pacific War and Zenkoku Suiheisha (アジア・太平洋戦争と全国水平社)]( Kaihō Shuppansha, Osaka, 2008), Sabetsu to Hangyaku: Hirano Shoken no Shōgai [Discrimination and Resistance: The Life of Shoken Hirano (差別と反逆 : 平野小剣の生涯)] (Chikuma Shobo, Tokyo, 2013). He is a historian of Buraku liberation movements in the modern age and has been working as a curator for over 30 years.