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Articles by Margaret Mitsutani

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Margaret Mitsutani is a translator and haiku poet who teaches at Kyoritsu Women’s University in Hitotsubashi, Tokyo. Her translations include several short stories by Hayashi Kyoko, including The Empty Can (Aki kan, in The Crazy Iris) and Stations (Eki, in Manoa), Oe Kenzaburo’s An Echo of Heaven (Jinsei no Shinseki), Tawada Yoko’s The Bridegroom Was a Dog (Inu muko iri), and Kakuta Mitsuyo’s The Eighth Day (Yōkame no semi). Her translation of Tawada’s The Emissary (Kentōshi) will be published by New Directions in 2018. Since 2011, she has been affiliated with the haiku magazine Ran.