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Articles by Ikeda Hiroshi

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Ikeda Hiroshi, born in 1940, is professor emeritus of Kyoto University. His specialization is German literature and culture of fascism. His is author of 『ファシズムと文学―ヒトラーを支えた作家たち [Fascism and Literature — Authors Who Supported Hitler]』(1978), 『抵抗者たち―反ナチス運動の記録 [Resisters – Record of anti-Nazis Movement]』(1980), 『〔海外進出文学〕論』シリーズ全5巻、既刊3巻 [Overseas Invasion Literature Series, five-volume series of which three have been published (a note from author: Japanese State calls invasion “advancement.”)](1997–), 『虚構のナチズム―「第三帝国」と表現文化 [Nazism as a Fiction — “The Third Reich” and Culture of Expression]』(2004), 『子どもたちと話す 天皇ってなに?[Talking to the Children — What is Emperor?]』(2010), 『ヴァイマル憲法とヒトラー―後民主主義からファシズムへ [Weimar Constitution and Hitler — From Post-War Democracy to Fascism]』(2015), 『池田浩士コレクション』全10巻、既刊5巻[Ikeda Hiroshi Collection, 10-volume series of which five have been published] (2004–).