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Articles by Mel Gurtov

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Mel Gurtov is Professor Emeritus of Political Science at Portland State University and Senior Editor of Asian Perspective. His latest book, Engaging China: Rebuilding Sino-American Relations, will be published in October by Rowman & Littlefield. He blogs at In the Human Interest: Critical Appraisals of Foreign Affairs and Politics from a Global-Citizen Perspective.

The China Balloon Incident: The Drama within the Drama

Xi Jinping Under Pressure in Central Asia and Taiwan

In the South Pacific, Chinese Opportunism Meets Western Indifference

After the Biden-Xi Summit: Finding Common Ground with China
The Biden China Initiative, A Flawed and Dysfunctional Policy
The Afghanistan Debacle
Presidential Warfare and the “Forever Wars”
The “End of Poverty” Illusion: Global and East Asian Realities in the COVID-19 Pandemic
The Dangerous New US Consensus on China and the Future of US-China Relations
At Home and Abroad, Trump Tramples Human Rights
Protesting Policy and Practice in South Korea’s Nuclear Energy Industry
Diplomatic Remedies for THAAD Madness: The US, China and the Two Koreas
Sanctions and Defiance in North Korea
Rules and Rocks: The US-China Standoff Over the South China Sea Islands
The Trans-Pacific Partnership: A Deeply Flawed Partnership (TPP)
China's Triangle Diplomacy
Xi Jinping Visits Seoul: The Bigger Picture
The Uncertain Future of a 'New Type' of US-China Relationship
Time for the U.S. to Engage North Korea
What’s Hot
Obama's Japan Visit and US-Japan-China Relations: A Missed Opportunity for Conflict Prevention
What’s Hot
Trouble at Sea
Averting War in Northeast Asia: A Proposal –––
From Korea to Vietnam: The Origins and Mindset of Postwar U.S. Interventionism−−
Reconciling Japan and China