Articles by Kazuhiko Togo

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Kazuhiko Togo is Professor and Director of the Institute for World Affairs at Kyoto Sangyou University (KSU). He joined Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1968 and served as the Ambassador to the Netherlands before retiring in 2002. He wrote Hoppou Ryoudo Koushou Hiroku (The Inside Story of the Negotiations on the Northern Territory) (Shinchosha 2007) to describe his own experience of joining in the Japan-Russia territorial negotiations, which were his major issue in the Foreign Ministry. He wrote Rekishi to Gaiko: Yasukuni-Asia-The Tokyo Trial (History and Foreign Policy: Yasukuni-Asia-The Tokyo Trial) (Kodansha 2008). This book draws on personal experience in confronting historical memory issues while teaching in Leiden, Princeton, Tansui (Taiwan), Santa Barbara (California) and Seoul between 2002-2007. He co-edited with his colleagues at KSU Nihonhatsuno ‘Seakai’shisou: Testugaku-Koukyou-Gaikjou (‘World’ thoughts originating from Japan: Philosophy-Public Policy-Foreign Policy) (Fujiwara Shoten, 2017), which may be his most important work at KSU. Other publications in English and Japanese can be found in his home page: