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Articles by Teraki Nobuaki

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Teraki Nobuaki (寺木伸明) is an emeritus professor at Momoyamagakuin University who has published extensively on discriminated people in early modern Japan. His many research monographs include most recently Kinsei Hisabetsu Minshūshi no Kenkyū [Studies in the History of Discriminated People in the Early Modern Period (近世被差別民衆史の研究)] (Aunsha, Kyoto, 2014). An introductory work to Buraku history written with Kurokawa Midori, Nyūmon: Hisabetsu Buraku no Rekishi (入門被差別部落の歴史) was published in 2016 by Kaihō Shuppansha and in English translation as A History of Discriminated Buraku Communities in Japan by Renaissance Books in 2019.