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Articles by Valentina Giammaria

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Valentina Giammaria is a PhD Candidate in Japanese Studies in the Graduate Program of Global Studies at Sophia University in Tokyo. Giammaria is also a research assistant in the same graduate program. As a PhD candidate majoring in Japanese Premodern and Modern Literature, her research focuses on the depictions of Kabukichō in Modern Japanese literary works, with particular attention to the analysis of the literary space. Giammaria is the organizer of the symposium “Crossing Over to the Other Side - Perspectives on Postwar and Contemporary Japanese Art and Literature” (Sophia University, Jan 2020) and participated to the international conference “Murakami Haruki’s 9th International Symposium” (Hokkaido University, Jul 2020) and to “The 22nd Annual Asian Studies Conference Japan” (ICU, Jun 2018).