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Articles by Kyung Hee Ha

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Kyung Hee Ha is an assistant professor in the Graduate School at Meiji University. She is currently working on a book project on Korean schools in Japan in the context of the U.S.-led War on Terror. She is a founding member of Eclipse Rising, a San Francisco Bay Area-based Zainichi Korean organization a member of the “Comfort Women” Justice Coalition, and a member of Kibō no Tane Kikin (KIBOTANE), Seed of Hope Foundation, a Tokyo-based foundation dedicated to educating youths on the comfort women issue. Her recent publications include “Cultural Politics of Transgressive Living: Socialism meets Neoliberalism in pro-North Korean Schools in Japan” Social Identities: Journal for the Study of Race, Nation and Culture. Vol. 24, 2 (2018): 189-205 and “Zainichi Koreans [Koreans from Japan] in the U.S.: Negotiating Multiple Displacement and Statelessness” PAN-JAPAN: The International Journal of the Japanese Diaspora. Vol. 11, 1/2 (2016): 41-67.