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Articles by Bruce Humes

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Bruce Humes

Keen to experience socialism with Chinese characteristics back in the ’80s, Bruce Humes first took a detour to Taipei and Hong Kong but went on to reside in Shanghai, Kunming and Shenzhen. He specializes in translating Chinese-language fiction by or about China’s non-Han peoples, particularly those who speak an Altaic tongue, such as the reindeer-herding Evenki (Last Quarter of the Moon) and the Uyghur in Xinjiang (Confessions of a Jade Lord). He headed online content development at Chief Executive China, hosts the blog非漂 [Fēi Piāo], and periodically obeys the primal urge to leave the China womb for character-building foreign language immersion classes in cities such as Paris, St. Petersburg, Kyoto and Istanbul. On the 2018 agenda: Kiswahili in Dar es Salaam.