Articles by Magnus Fiskesjö

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Magnus Fiskesjö has been a student of China since 1976 and a frequent visitor since 1977. He was educated in his native Sweden, in China, and at the University of Chicago, for a joint PhD in Anthropology and in East Asian Languages & Civilizations. He served in Sweden's embassies in Beijing and Tokyo, and as director of the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities, Stockholm. Since 2005, he has taught anthropology and Asian studies at Cornell University. His recent publications include "Outlaws, Barbarians, Slaves: Critical Reflections on Agamben's homo sacer," in HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory 2.1 (2012); "The Animal Other: Re-naming the Barbarians in 20th-Century China," in Social Text 29.4 (2011); and "Wa Grotesque: Headhunting Theme Parks and the Chinese Nostalgia for Primitive Contemporaries" in Ethnos: Journal of Anthropology 80.4 (2015).