Claire Maree

Claire Maree (PhD) is Associate Professor and Reader at the Asia Institute, University of Melbourne. Her current research explores the reproduction, negotiation and contestation of identities in language, and sexual citizenship. Claire’s third monograph, queerqueen: Linguistic Excess in Japanese Media (2020, Oxford University Press) examines the editing and writing of queer excess into Japanese popular culture through mediatization of queerqueen styles. Claire is actively involved in Queer Studies and also contributes to the area of language education. Other major publications include ‘Onē-kotoba’ Ron (Seidosha, 2013); Hatsuwasha no gengo sotoratejī toshite no negoshiēshon kōi (Hituzi Shobo, 2007). She is co-editor with Kaori Okano of Discourse, Gender and Shifting Identities in Japan: The Longitudinal Study of Kobe Women’s Ethnographic Interviews 1989-2019, Phase One (Routledge, 2018). [email protected]