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Articles by Peter Hayes

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Peter Hayes is the Director of the Nautilus Institute and Professor at the Center for International Security Studies, Sydney University, Camperdown, New South Wales, 2006, Australia.

Options for Denuclearising the Korean Peninsula
The Future of Conflict in the Korean Peninsula and Beyond: The War Dreams of Kim and Trump
Continuation of Policy By Other Means: Ensuring that US-ROK Military Exercises Don’t Increase Risk of War
Ending a Nuclear Threat via a Northwest Asia Nuclear Weapons-Free Zone
US Strategic Negligence, North Korea and the Sony Slideshow
North Korean and US Nuclear Threats: Discerning Signals from Noise
Global Perspectives on Nuclear Safety and Security After 3-113.11
Park Chung Hee, the US-ROK Strategic Relationship, and the Bomb
Kim Jong Il’s Nuclear Diplomacy and the US Opening: Slow Motion Six-Party Engagement−−
Sustainable Security in the Korean Peninsula: Envisioning a Northeast Asian Biodiversity Corridor −−
The Path Not Taken, The Way Still Open: Denuclearizing The Korean Peninsula And Northeast Asia
Extended Nuclear Deterrence, Global Abolition, and Korea
Unbearable Legacies: The Politics of Environmental Degradation in North Korea
The Stalker State: North Korean Proliferation and the End of American Nuclear Hegemony
Did North Korea Successfully Conduct a Nuclear Test? A Technical Analysis
South Korea's Power Play at the Six-Party Talks