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Articles by Lawrence S. Wittner

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Lawrence S. Wittner is Professor of History Emeritus at SUNY/Albany and the author of the award-winning scholarly trilogy, The Struggle Against the Bomb and its abbreviated version, Confronting the Bomb — both published by Stanford University Press.

The Double Standard of the Major Military Powers: The International Criminal Court and the Control of Nuclear Weapons

Will the Nuclear Powers Ever Be Willing to Forgo Their Nuclear Weapons?
The Emerging Worldwide Alliance of Parties on the Far Right, Led by Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump
How many nuclear warheads does the United States need?
What’s Hot
How Japan Learned About
What’s Hot
The Long Voyage: The Golden Rule and Resistance to Nuclear Testing in Asia and the Pacific −−
Nuclear Disarmament Activism in Asia and the Pacific, 1971-1996
Atomic John: The Bomb as Fetish
Possibilities for a Nuclear-Free World
Why Hiroshima and Nagasaki Day Events Matter. Hiroshima & Nagasaki Peace Declarations
Algeria, Vietnam, Iraq and the Conscience of the Intellectual
Why Bush Abandoned the Plan for New Nukes: Stopping the Bunker Buster
Reflections on Hiroshima and the Anti-Nuclear Movement
The Enola Gay, the Atomic Bomb and American War Memory
George W. Bush's Nuclear Addiction
Does the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Have a Future?
Nuclear Folly
The Power of Protest