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Articles by Akane Onozawa

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Dr. Onozawa Akane is a professor of history at Rikkyo University in Tokyo. She is the author of the 2010 monograph Kindai Nihon shakai to kōshō seido: minshūshi to kokusai kankeishi no shiten kara that examines policies of modern Japan’s licensed prostitution system and the movement to abolish it. Her “The Comfort Women and State Prostitution” (Denying the Comfort Women: The Japanese State’s Assault on Historical Truthedited by Rumiko Nishino, Puja Kim and Akane Onozawa, Routledge, 2019) explores in depth the links between prewar Japan’s sex industry and the “comfort women” system of military prostitution. She researches a range of topics relating to prostitution in Japanese history.