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Articles by Brett de Bary

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Professor of Asian Studies and Comparative Literature at Cornell University. She is Senior Editor ofTraces: A Multilingual Series of Cultural Theory and Translation. Recent publications include critical essays on the women writers Morisaki Kazue in the volume Kikyō no monogatari/idō no katari: sengō sengō nihon ni okeru posuto-koroniaru no sōzō edited by Hirata Yumi and Iyotani Toshio (Heibonsha, 2014), and Tawada Yōko inTranslation/Transmediation: A Special Issue of Poetica, edited by Atsuko Sakaki (Yushōdō, 2012). She is editor of Universities in Translation: The Mental Labor of Globalization, Volume 5 of Traces (Hong Kong UP, 2010) and co-editor with Naoki Sakai and Iyotani Toshio of Deconstructing Nationality (Cornell University East Asia Series, 2005).