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The Song the Owl God Himself Sang. An Ainu Tale

Commercial Appetite and Human Need: The Accidental and Fated Revival of Kobayashi Takiji's Cannery Ship

The Axis of Vaudeville: Images of North Korea in South Korean Pop Culture

The Letter as Literature's Political and Poetic Body

Japan as a Nation of Animal Lovers -- As Pets Or When They're On a Plate

Misunderstanding Hiroshima  広島を誤解する

War and Peace in the Art of Tezuka Osamu: The humanism of his epic manga  手塚治虫の作品における戦争と平和−−その長編漫画のヒューマニズム

The Art and Life of Korean Poet Ko Un: Cross-cultural Communication 韓国詩人高銀の芸術と生涯ーー通文化的コミュニケイション

Indra’s Net: The Spiritual Universe of Miyazawa Kenji  因陀羅の網

“Your Own Sensitivity, At Least”: Remembering the Postwar Poet Ibaragi Noriko, an Appreciation and Four Translations   「自分の感受性くらい」−−戦後派詩人茨木のり子、鑑賞と翻訳四篇