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Water Super Profits in a Time of Crisis: Who Controls the World's Water?

The Bakrie Group and Economic Meltdown in Indonesia

Japan as Spoiler in the Six-Party Talks: Single-Issue Politics and Economic Diplomacy Towards North Korea

Japan's 'Antiterror' Debate Neglects the Suffering of the Afghan People

The Cook Islands and the Pacific Island Nations: Will the Last Person Leaving Please Turn Off the Lights?

Indigenous at last! Ainu Grassroots Organizing and the Indigenous Peoples Summit in Ainu Mosir

China, Rice, and GMOs: Navigating the Global Rift on Genetic Engineering

Asia's Contributions to World Cuisine

The Terminators. Police Death Squads in the Philippines

The Great Himalayan Watershed: Water Shortages, Mega-Projects and Environmental Politics in China, India, and Southeast Asia