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Essential Ingredients of Truth: Japanese Soldiers' Diaries in the Asia Pacific War

Miyazawa Kenji: The Poet as Asura?

Militarizing Japan: Patriotism, Profit, and Children's Print Media, 1894-1925

Oda Makoto, Beheiren and 14 August 1945: Humanitarian Wrath against Indiscriminate Bombing

"Hating 'The Korean Wave'" Comic Books: A sign of New Nationalism in Japan?

'Little Citizens' and 'Star Pupils': Military Middle Schools in Wartime Japan

Heroic Resistance and Victims of Atrocity: Negotiating the Memory of Japanese Imperialism in Chinese Museums

Eros & Death: The World of Araki Nobuyoshi

The Question of the Other: Kara Juro and Letters from Sagawa

Look Back in Anger. Filming the Nanjing Massacre