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Rites of String

Writers From the Other Asia: the two Koreas

The Remembered and the Forgotten: Slighting the firebombing victims of Japan's Pacific War

Inoue Hisashi: Crusader with a Pen

The Ethnic Detective and the Atomic Bomb: A Japanese American Mystery series

Ryuichi SAKAMOTO: From Bach to Rock to Pop . . . and the Fate of the Corporate Earth

From Flags of Our Fathers to Letters From Iwo Jima: Clint Eastwood's Balancing of Japanese and American Perspectives

The Nanjing Massacre. Changing Contours of History and Memory in Japan, China, and the U.S.

Literature, Ideology and Japan's Revised Education Law: Kinoshita Junji's Yuzuru

Donald Richie: A lifetime's observations of Japan