Special Issue: A New Constitution for Japan? edited by Tessa Morris-Suzuki and Shinnosuke Takahashi


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Japan's Trade Collapse and Road to Recovery: Vertical Foreign Direct Investment the Key

The Politics of Inter-Korean Economic Cooperation: 1998-2009

Ideological Risk versus Economic Necessity: The Future of Reform in North Korea

The Financial Crisis and the Tectonic Shifts in the US-Japan Relationship

Vietnam and China in an Era of Economic Uncertainty

Is Japan Headed for a Fiscal Doomsday?

The Making of Japan's New Working Class: “Freeters” and the Progression From Middle School to the Labor Market 日本の新しい労働者階級の形成−−フリーターおよび中学から労働市場への参入

South Korea's Global Nuclear Ambitions  核に関する韓国の世界的野心

Dispatched and Displaced: Rethinking Employment and Welfare Protection in Japan  派遣・追放—日本の雇用と生活保護を再考する

How Long Will US Forces Continue to Occupy Japan and Korea? China, the US and the New Division of Power in the Asia-Pacific  米軍はいつまで日韓に駐留するか 田中 宇 •Japanese original available