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Building a New Old City in Kashgar: China, Central Asia, Cultural Clash [Video update]

The Politics of Inter-Korean Economic Cooperation: 1998-2009

The Great Himalayan Watershed: Water Shortages, Mega-Projects and Environmental Politics in China, India, and Southeast Asia

Designs of Power: The “Japanization” of Urban and Rural Space in Colonial Hokkaidō

Japan’s New DPJ Government, the Environment and the Future of the Construction State

The Guam Treaty as a Modern “Disposal” of the Ryukyus

Shuri Castle's Other History: Architecture and Empire in Okinawa

Gravity Defying: Whither Korea’s bid to build a world-class city entirely from scratch?

Lessons from China's Three Gorges Dam

Nuclear Power, Risk Management and Democratic Accountability in Indonesia: Volcanic, regulatory and financial risk in the Muria peninsula nuclear power proposal