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Philosophy as Activism in Neo-Liberal, Neo-Nationalist Japan

Citizenship at Stake. U.S. Records Prove Paternity; Japanese Ministry Denies Access to Records

The Re-emergence of an Australian Nuclear Weapons Option? Implications for Indonesia and the Asia Pacific

Murder of an Anarchist Recalled: Suppression of News in the Wake of the 1923 Tokyo Earthquake

Is There a Japan-Iraq Strategic Partnership?

The Nova Collapse: Foreigners Get Mixed Results From Joining Unions in Japan

Privatizing the World Bank? An Asia Pacific Perspective on Changing Scenarios of Development Financing

The Geopolitics and Economics of Burma's Military Regime, 1962-2007. Understanding SPDC Tyranny

The Big Melt. Lesson From the Arctic Summer of 2007

Nationalism and Globalization on the Inner Mongolia Frontier: The Commercialization of a Tamed Ethnicity