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'Little Citizens' and 'Star Pupils': Military Middle Schools in Wartime Japan

Timor-Leste and Indonesia. Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Gendered Labor Justice and the Law of Peace: Nakajima Michiko and the 15-Woman Lawsuit Opposing Dispatch of Japanese Self-Defense Forces to Iraq

The Nanking Atrocity: An Interpretive Overview

Japan's Future as an International, Multicultural Society: From Migrants to Immigrants

Philosophy as Activism in Neo-Liberal, Neo-Nationalist Japan

Citizenship at Stake. U.S. Records Prove Paternity; Japanese Ministry Denies Access to Records

Murder of an Anarchist Recalled: Suppression of News in the Wake of the 1923 Tokyo Earthquake

The Nova Collapse: Foreigners Get Mixed Results From Joining Unions in Japan

The Ainu and Their Culture: A Critical Twenty-First Century Assessment