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Japanese Popular Culture in East and Southeast Asia: Time for a Regional Paradigm?

Waving Goodbye to Hegemony: China, Europe and the US in the New World Order

Into the Atomic Sunshine: Shinya Watanabe's New York and Tokyo Exhibition on Post-War Art Under Article 9

Foundations of Cooperation: Imagining the Future of Sino-Japanese Relations

Japanese and American War Atrocities, Historical Memory and Reconciliation: World War II to Today

Wooing the Islands: China and Taiwan High Stakes Bid for Pacific Island Support

Is Baseball a Global Sport? America's 'National Pastime' as Global Field and International Sport

From a Woman Aggressor. Reflections on Japan and the Asia Pacific War

Paradise Lost. Logging and the Environmental and Social Destruction of the Solomon Islands

The Cultural Career of the Japanese Economy: Developmental and Cultural Nationalisms in Historical Perspective