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US Bases and Empire: Global Perspectives on the Asia Pacific

Invasion in the Name of Humanitarian Aid: The US in Afghanistan

The Homecoming of Japanese Hostages from Iraq: Culturalism or Japan in America’s Embrace?

Japan-North Korea Relations—A Dangerous Stalemate

Building a New Old City in Kashgar: China, Central Asia, Cultural Clash [Video update]

The Battle of Singapore, the Massacre of Chinese and Understanding of the Issue in Postwar Japan

Jemaah Islamiyah and Indonesian Terrorism: A renewed struggle?

Japanese Bureaucrats Hide Decision to Move All US Marines out of Okinawa to Guam 官僚が隠す沖縄海兵隊グアム全移転 •Japanese original available

Japan, Israeli Settlements, and the Future of a Palestinian State 日本、イスラエル人入植地、およびパレスティナの将来

The Smallest Army Imaginable: Gandhi's Constitutional Proposal for India and Japan's Peace Constitution 想像しうる最小の軍隊ーーガンジーのインド憲法私案と日本の平和憲法