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Al Qaeda's Southeast Asia, Jamaah Islamiyah and Regional Terrorism: Kinship and Family Links  アルカイダの東南アジア、ジャマー・イスラミヤー、および地域テロ−−王建と家族的つながり

Little Birds: A Japanese Filmmaker's Devastating Window on the Iraq War

737 U.S. Military Bases = Global Empire

Prisons of the Stateless: The Derelictions of the UN High Commission for Refugees and the Japanese Role

War Responsibility Revisited: Auschwitz in Japan

The End of Alliance "Business as Usual"? Ozawa's Rejection of Japan's Indian Ocean Deployment

The Road to Peace in Northeast Asia - Prospects and Pitfalls

American Fundamentalisms and World Disorder

Oda Makoto, Beheiren and 14 August 1945: Humanitarian Wrath against Indiscriminate Bombing

Beyond the Bomb. The Pentagon Plans for a New Hundred Years' War