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The Minefield: An Australian Tragedy in America's Vietnam War

The Water Politics of China and Southeast Asia: Rivers, Dams, Cargo Boats and the Environment

Who is Responsible? The Yomiuri Project and the Enduring Legacy of the Asia-Pacific War

Japan as a Global Contributor: Envisioning an expanded role in a world of militarism, global warming and multipolarity

Is it Fine for Japan to Do Without Agriculture? Negotiating Japan-Australia Economic Partnership

Donor Leverage and Access to Bird Flu Vaccines: a challenge to the World Health Organization

The Australia-Japan FTA Negotiations: What Do they Really Mean?

Australia's Expansive Asian Security Footprint: the 2007 Defence Update, the United States, and the abuses of realism

Japan as a Nuclear State

Micronesia and the Postwar Remaking of the Asia Pacific: "An American Lake"