Special Issue: A New Constitution for Japan? edited by Tessa Morris-Suzuki and Shinnosuke Takahashi


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Personal Portable Pedestrian: Lessons from Japanese Mobile Phone Use

Hong Kong, Singapore and the Asia Pacific Economies

The "Second Plateau": Japan's Economy and Structures of Inequality

Neo-liberalism vs. Communitarian Capitalism: Japan's Dilemma

From Backwater to Powerhouse. China's northeast and Northeast Asia on a roll

Russian Energy Geostrategy Redefines Relations with the US and EU

Japan's New Miracle Economy: Neoliberalism and the Poverty of Wealth

The End of Overtime Pay: More Production or Just More Work for Japan's White Collar Workers?

China's Durable Inequality: Legacies of Revolution and Pitfalls of Reform

737 U.S. Military Bases = Global Empire