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Hubris, Intransigence, and the North Korean Nuclear Crisis

Al Qaeda's Southeast Asia, Jamaah Islamiyah and Regional Terrorism: Kinship and Family Links  アルカイダの東南アジア、ジャマー・イスラミヤー、および地域テロ−−王建と家族的つながり

Sanctions and the Road to War in Korea

A Foot soldier in the War Against Forgetting Japanese Wartime Atrocities

Geopolitics of the Afghanistan War: US Elevates Pakistan to Regional Kingpin. Implications for Russia, NATO, Iran and the Arab States

Strategic Errors of Monumental Proportions: Lessons for Iraq from Vietnam, El Salvador and the Middle East

Can a Japanese Official Criticize George W. Bush? U.S. protests Kyuma's criticism of Iraq invasion, but Japan's Defense Chief raps Washington again

Little Birds: A Japanese Filmmaker's Devastating Window on the Iraq War

Postwar Japanese Intellectuals' Changing Perspectives on "Asia" and Modernity

737 U.S. Military Bases = Global Empire