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The Cold War Explodes in Kobe—”The 1948 Korean Ethnic School "Riots" and US Occupation Authorities

Indigenous at last! Ainu Grassroots Organizing and the Indigenous Peoples Summit in Ainu Mosir

Facing the Past: War and Historical Memory in Japan and Korea [Korean text available]

Allied and Korean Forced Labor at the Aso Mining Company and Japan-South Korea Relations

Memories of the Dutch East Indies: From Plantation Society to Prisoner of Japan

Okinawa's Turbulent 400 Years [Japanese text available]

Victims of Colonialism? Japanese Agrarian Settlers in Manchukuo and Their Repatriation

The Inadvertence of Benedict Anderson: Engaging Imagined Communities

Healing the Wounds of War: New Ancestral Shrines in Korea

Japan-North Korea Relations—A Dangerous Stalemate