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Compulsory Mass Suicide, the Battle of Okinawa, and Japan's Textbook Controversy

Barefoot Gen, The Atomic Bomb and I: The Hiroshima Legacy

Defending the Indefensible: A Meditation on the Life of Hiroshima Pilot Paul Tibbets, Jr.

Japanese and American War Atrocities, Historical Memory and Reconciliation: World War II to Today

War Responsibility and Historical Memory: Hirohito's Apparition

The Songs of Nippon, the Yamato Museum and the Inculcation of Japanese Nationalism

Noda Hideki's Theater World. Acting with Joy in His Soul

From a Woman Aggressor. Reflections on Japan and the Asia Pacific War

From Trinity to Trinity

The Denationalized Have No Class: The Banishment of Japan's Korean Minority-- A POLEMIC