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The Hearts of Children: Morality, Patriotism, and the New Curricular Guidelines

Homage to the Life and Poetry of Miyazawa Kenji

Morality, Patriotism, and Japan's New Curricular Guidelines

Challenging Kamikaze Stereotypes: 'Wings of Defeat' on the Silver Screen

The Tamogami Debacle: Dismissal of a Japanese General and the Danger of Indignation

The Cold War Explodes in Kobe—”The 1948 Korean Ethnic School "Riots" and US Occupation Authorities

The Era of Bullying: Japan under Neoliberalism

Hiroshima: A Visual Record

All Research is Fieldwork: A Practical Introduction to Studying in Japan as a Foreign Researcher  研究はすべて実地調査ーー外国人研究者として日本で研究するための手引き

The Dream of Lafcadio Hearn  ラフカディオ・ハーンの夢