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After the Whirlwind: Post-Nargis Burma, the 2010 Elections and Prospects for Reform

The Axis of Vaudeville: Images of North Korea in South Korean Pop Culture

Justice for Some. Crime, Victims and the US-Japan SOFA

The Inadvertence of Benedict Anderson: Engaging Imagined Communities

Asia's Contributions to World Cuisine

The Ryukyus and the New, But Endangered, Languages of Japan

Modern Life is Rubbish: Miyazaki Hayao Returns to Old-Fashioned Filmmaking

The Homecoming of Japanese Hostages from Iraq: Culturalism or Japan in America’s Embrace?

Japanese Textbook Controversies, Nationalism, and Historical Memory: Intra- and Inter-national Conflicts

Nuclear Disarmament Activism in Asia and the Pacific, 1971-1996