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Overcoming American Military Base Pollution in Asia: Japan, Okinawa, Philippines

A Cartoonist at War: “Gobau’s” Korea, 1950

The Battle of Singapore, the Massacre of Chinese and Understanding of the Issue in Postwar Japan

History Too Long Denied: Japan's Unresolved Colonial Past and Today's North Korea Problem

The Politics of Inter-Korean Economic Cooperation: 1998-2009

Jemaah Islamiyah and Indonesian Terrorism: A renewed struggle?

Who is Korean? Migration, Immigration, and the Challenge of Multiculturalism in Homogeneous Societies

Remembering the Unfinished Conflict: Museums and the Contested Memory of the Korean War

The Great Himalayan Watershed: Water Shortages, Mega-Projects and Environmental Politics in China, India, and Southeast Asia

Hiroshima: A Visual Record