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China's Durable Inequality: Legacies of Revolution and Pitfalls of Reform

Remake Politics, Not Nature: Tanaka Shozo's Philosophies of 'Poison' and 'Flow' and Japan's Environment

Memories of a Zainichi Korean Childhood

Self-Determination in Oceania: New Roles for US, Japanese and Asian Power?

Prisons of the Stateless: The Derelictions of the UN High Commission for Refugees and the Japanese Role

Dance, Or Else: The Politics of Ethnic Culture on China's Southwest Borders

Convulsions of Nation-Building: Violence-ridden East Timor on the eve of elections

Tragic Fire Illuminates South Korea's Treatment of Migrant Workers

Gaijin Hanzai Magazine and Hate Speech in Japan: The Newfound Power of Japan's International Residents

Filipino Boxers and Hosts in Japan: The Feminization of Male Labor and Transnational Class Subjection¹