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On Meat, Fish and Statistics: The Global Food Regime and Animal Consumption in the United States and Japan

The Rising Risk of a Hard Landing in China: The Two Engines of Global Growth—U.S. and China—are Stalling. UPDATED

Japan's 'Antiterror' Debate Neglects the Suffering of the Afghan People

Debt Man Walking: The US, China, Japan and the Foundations for a New Bretton Woods [Updated]

Indigenous at last! Ainu Grassroots Organizing and the Indigenous Peoples Summit in Ainu Mosir

Beijing's Aqueous Heritage and the 2008 Olympics

Capitalism's Demise? [Korean translation available]

Okinawa's Turbulent 400 Years [Japanese text available]

China, Rice, and GMOs: Navigating the Global Rift on Genetic Engineering

The Politics of Colonial Translation: On the Narrative of the Ainu as a 'Vanishing Ethnicity'