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Japan Vies With China for Dominance in Indochina and ASEAN

War is the Only Solution. A 31-year-old freeter explains the plight and future of Japan's Marginal Workers

Why Is Japanese Farming Culturally Central and Economically Marginal? Rice Revolutions and Farm Families in a Tohoku Region

Loving and Loathing Japan's Concrete Coasts, Where Tetrapods Reign

All Fall Down: The Asian Financial Crisis, Neoliberalism and Economic Miracles

Shaken to the Core: Japan's Nuclear Program Battered by Niigata Quake

Carbon-Free and Nuclear-Free: A Roadmap for U.S. Energy Policy

Japanese Deregulation: Big Corporations are Destroying People's Lives

Labor Migration to Japan: Comparative Perspectives on Demography and the Sense of Crisis

Explaining US Financial Instability and Its Global Implications