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Privatizing the World Bank? An Asia Pacific Perspective on Changing Scenarios of Development Financing

The Geopolitics and Economics of Burma's Military Regime, 1962-2007. Understanding SPDC Tyranny

Engaging China: The Political Economy and Geopolitical Approaches of the United States, Japan and the European Union

Site Fights: Divisive Facilities, NIMBY and Civil Society in Japan and the West

Russia, Iran and Eurasian Energy Politics

The Future of North Korea: System Conservation or Guided Market Economy?

Historical Perspectives on States, Markets and Capitalism, East and West

Towards Livable Communities in Japan? Population Decline and the Changing Context of Place-making

Indonesia After Suharto—The Last King of Java Forgiven (By Elites)

China's High Tech Industry and the World Economy: Zhongguancun Park